To us, professional staffing and recruiting isn't a numbers game. We are All About People.

Our Hiring Process

We understand that you want to hire someone who not only understands your goals and will get you the results you want but fits your company’s culture as well. To find that right person and ensure a successful placement, we employ a consistent five-step hiring process with a proven track record.

Listen and Learn

We sit down with you to analyze your needs, capture your requirements, and learn about your culture, so that we have the tools to effectively sell your company and positions to top talent in Austin.


Our goal is to help you have more time to run your business day-to-day while we do the calling, pre-screening, and selling for your project or long-term needs. We’ll talk to talent pools currently employed by your competitors, within your industry, or in similar industries, and in predefined geographies to ensure you get individuals who will help to grow your operation.

Interview and Provide Options

We interview candidates first, conduct skills assessments, behavioral interviews, and more to ensure the talent is properly vetted before sending them to you. We only recommend qualified candidates who are also a cultural fit for your organization, saving you time. Throughout the process, we provide market and candidate feedback creating a loop of improvement, increased effectiveness, and a seamless hiring process.

Negotiate Offers

Use our expertise and experience to negotiate the hiring package and everything surrounding the employment offer. We will educate you on market rates and work with you to identify talent that meets your budget requirements while also offering a package that the talent will want to accept. Our hands-on guidance will ensure our top candidate gets hired and stays hired.

Ensure Quality

It’s not enough to make a placement and walk away. Our goal is to ensure a successful placement and maintain contact with both you and the candidate. Your overall experience is important to our success, so we maintain regular contact with you to evaluate your level of satisfaction. If an issues arises, we will take the time to solve it and help you continue to grow your operation.

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